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Magic, is like Love.

Words never suffice... But once felt, we never stop seeking.

Scottsdale's Favorite Magician


My Philosophy of Magic... and why it's important for humanity.

Tank shares his Magic with you and your tribe in a way that creates new and unique experiences.
His ‘up close and personal’ style creates true human connections to the Magic, and each other, that are rare in today’s digital (read: disconnected) world.

Experience new Realities with the Magic of Tank at your next event.

What Makes Magic Awesome

30+ YEARS and counting

Since 1990, I’ve performed all over the country (and even globally)

"Best Magician Ever"

At least according to 2 of my 3 kids.


Hire me directly, or come to one of my public shows... either way, you'll experience REAL magic

What They Say

Tank’s magic show truly knocked my socks off. I was truly on the edge of my seat wondering how he was doing it all! I even got called upon to be a volunteer! Would highly recommend!

- Maddy R.

The show was so much fun! I loved the crowd involvement. everyone who wanted to got a chance to be included in the magic tricks. My favorite thing about the show was how he supplemented the magic with stories and humor, it was very funny and entertaining:)

-Kateri R.

A Tainted Mind was such a fun show!!! It’s the first magic show my fiancé and I have been to since we were kids and we would definitely go again! Tank is super interactive with the crowd, making sure everyone has a good time and keeping us laughing along the way. He has unique tricks we’ve never seen before and are still wondering about the magic behind it all. As a bonus he has an awesome pre-show playlist. If you have a chance, definitely go see this show!

- Meghan M.

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